The Woodlawn Botanical Nature Center is a non- for-profit garden space. We display is a living collection of native and cultivate plants near the vicinity of Hyde Park Academy.

Our goal is to educate, engage and encourage youth of all ages about the value of plant diversity, sustainability and community well being.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to develop community programs innovative ways to explore, understand and save plants. We assist youth, adults and seniors in the exploration of hands on learning as well as enriching the lives of a community through fostering an awareness and appreciation of wellness and plant diversity.

William Hill, President
Alice Smith Jones, Vice President, Program Director
James Van Den Boogart, Treasurer
Riyan Jones, Graphic Designer, R & R

Location: 63rd and Stony Island Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Mailing Address
William Hill
6436 S. Dorchester Ave
Chicago, Illinois, 60637